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What Is Your Dream?

The GIN is a private exclusive success Club for those who desire same information, contact and access that was available only to privilege elite until now.

Membership Overview

The GIN program gives you a proven system for success that anyone can do a simple and sustainable plan that works. GIN can literally guarantee your success!

Business Opportunity

Start a Plan B - Own Your Own Business; Flexible Schedule • Incredible Exposure and personal growth • Unlimited Income Potential. Leveraged income is income derived from GROUP effort.



people who want more out of life, have aspirations, goals and dreams.

This is your special Invitation

Six (6) things to expect when you join GIN membership
GIN Level the Play ground for you - Those who desire same information, contact and access that was available only to privilege elite until now equally access them.
GIN activate leverage to work for you - It is not just WHAT you know; but WHO you know that will get you ahead quickly!
You will access unrivaled mentorship by super achievers in variety of fields; provide you with contacts required to achieve success.
GIN offers you a support system that will help you achieve your dream. GIN was formed so everyone with a Dream can learn the secret and achieve it.
GIN brings to you an exclusive connection, opportunity and access you may never get anywhere else!
Member helping members - you too will be introduced to exact deals, secrets, trades and Ideas that successful individuals profit with and grow your wealth.

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Power to Choose and Have - Join Us!

The GIN Exclusive Member-Only private club is open to people with ambition , agenda for life and commitment to achieve them! When you apply to become part of any Class of Club category; you will make a decision to connect and attract individuals also pursuing the same set of mission and goals you desire.

When you decide, you will be invited to fulfill certain requirements; accept the terms of GIN membership and then purchase a qualifying Club membership category.

Experience prestige and exclusivity. Be Phenomenon.

Start A Business

We Do Two Simple Things

  • Gather a handful of loyal Friends, people we know, love and trust

  • Help others do the same

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Membership Overview

Why is joining a Private club so important?

Information, Insider Secrets, Networking and Knowledge exchanges

Become a member today!

Have you wondered?

Throughout history, the Super Rich ‘Elite Class’ have two (2) Common Denominator.

Club Membership

They are members of a private 'member only' club, association or organization.

Cash Cow

They have a 'printing press' cash cow; some businesses, investments that give them positive cashflow every month - money they don’t have to work for.
“ I have some extra savings and was looking for ways to support a charity i care about, few days later my daughter told me about GIN. Now I can multiply my impact by touching the lives of people that can’t help themselves- thank you GIN
. ”
“ A friend recommended the “Live your Dream’ webinar by GIN to me, Immediately I got off the call, I knew there was a shift in me; now I know how to apply the principle of 'my Network is my Net-worth' Thank for creating this amazing Club. ”
“ Living paycheck to paycheck and working harder to meet my financial obligations was impacting my health badly; I spent less and less time with my family without any hope that things could change soon; Chike told me about the 'Plan B' by GIN, I embraced it and today, I’m building a profitable second stream of Income to support my job income. ”
“ GIN provide world's best opportunity and program for those who want to break away from habit or mindset that keep them back from achieving their life goals; If you want better health, wealth and happiness, welcome to the Club!