GIN: GEB-R917E2D1D - 17% Coupon






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The Total Block Size for the Modular Sized GEB Refinery is 8 Gallons Output of Cellulosic BioEthanol. The Customers will replace their existing 3-Stone Cookstoves with the award winning Kike Green Stoves, compatible with an approximate monthly consumption of 16 - 20 Liters of GEB-R Biofuel Gel.

Prior to the switch to Cleaner, Safer and affordable GEB-R Biofuel Gel, user spends more on fossil fuel on monthly basis with huge health impact. Today with the purchase of GEB-R Block Customers will save more and the household income will increase dramatically.

The Total available Token is 1,000 GIN Token at $4.00 each with a Total Gallon Output of 32 Litres per batch..

Purchaser will qualify to Earn a 17% Coupon Annually while holding its equivalent Token Equity of the amount Purchased for the life of the Asset (10-Years) (Forward Sales Agreement - FSA)

Asset is fully insured and performance guaranteed by the GIN SPV

Learn more about GEB-R and its business model here;