GIN: GEB-R1B4315F5 - 17% Coupon






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The Total Block Size for the Modular Sized GEB Refinery is 2,500 Gallons Output of Cellulosic BioEthanol daily. GEB Customers will replace their existing 3-Stone Cookstoves with the award winning Kike Green Stoves, compatible with an approximate monthly consumption of 16 - 20 Liters of GEB-R Biofuel Gel.

Prior to the switch to Cleaner, Safer and affordable GEB-R Biofuel Gel, user spends more on fossil fuel on monthly basis with huge negative health implication. Today with the purchase of GEB-R Block users will save more and the household income will increase dramatically.

The Total available Token is 1,000 GIN Token at $4.00 each with a Green Pak bundle of 250 Galons each per Enterprenuer or Green Ambassador. Purchaser's ethanol output are utilized by eligible Ambassador in right standing with GEB marketing while ensuring consistent supply of Biogel to customers

Purchaser will qualify to Earn a 17% Coupon Annually while holding its equivalent Token Equity of the amount Purchased for the life of the Asset/commodity (10-Years) - Coupon payment represent up to 80% sales income generated on each commited GIN block.

Asset/Commodity is fully insured and performance guaranteed by the GIN SPV

Learn more about GEB-R and its business model here;